Thursday, July 6, 2017

Big Frost

A big frost in Alexandra this morning got me out of bed and up to Poolburn.  Good to find some skateable ice in places mainly due to the old wind blown ice and and some snow ice which had strengthen with new ice around it.  Snow ice was a bit bumpy in places but had some smooth runs on new black ice around the edges.  Rest of the dam had around 15-20mm of new black ice which was too thin to skate on.  Great to be out on natural ice in my favourite place.

First skate of the day on the track to Poolburn
Enjoying the skate able bits..
Broken ice refrozen

Poolburn:  Some skateable ice if you look for it but take care.  15-20mm over the rest of the dam with some water showing.  Track ok when frozen but muddy and rutted when thawed.

Idaburn: 10-15mm over some of the main area - the rest water

Coalpit:  10-15mm over most of the dam - water on the shaded side.

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