Saturday, August 13, 2022

So late in the season....

After a very cold week (unusual for August) I  decided to head to Central last night to see if any ice had formed.  I checked a few skating spots on the way and decided the Lower Manorburn was the most likely for a skate.  Got there in the moonlight this morning and was pleased to find the ice had set in enough for a skate in Rushcutters.  Great to be on the ice again even though it cracked the whole time. Good - but careful- skating!  Then off up to Poolburn on the off chance something had set in.  I was expecting the track to be challenging because of the snow but it was mainly clear - but rough.  Surprised to find skate able ice in the small bay and main bay.  Fantastically smooth and a pleasure to skate on.  Most of the dam was covered but I did not need to venture far for good ice.  The water has risen about a metre since I was last there.  The ice started weakening by mid morning.  Fantastic skating so late in the season - and maybe one more tomorrow?

Monday, August 1, 2022

Last skate for the season

Was hoping for one last skate so checked out Rush Cutters yesterday afternoon. The ice was a real mess and very weak with water at the edges with lots of debris and broken ice.  I managed to stand on it via a plank but did not skate.  Not much frost forecast but checked it out first thing this morning on the way home and was stoked to find enough frost to reset the ice and had locked it in enough for a skate.  Used a plank but not really needed.  Ice was hard and fast but spoiled by rocks and small stones in places.  Had a fun skate despite tripping on a couple of small stones.  

Can't see this ice lasting at all without frost.  Last skate for the year I think.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Last ice at Poolburn

Stayed locally last night and woke to a crispy frost so decided to do one last trip up to Poolburn.  The ice I saw yesterday was good for a skate.   Only one spot to get on and had fun on hard dry refrozen snow ice. Fresh ice elsewhere but too thin. Clear crisp winter morning and great to be there.  Accidentally skated near the edge at one point and slipped as I turned and created a nice impact crack in the ice.   Warming up as I left and felt like the ice will not last.

Saturday, July 23, 2022


 Watching the weather for a few days I thought I would take a last look in Central - but not really expecting to find much ice at all after days of rain. Rushcutters Corner on the Lower Manorburn was a real surprise.  A good chunk of ice had survived and good to see people making the most of it when I got there late morning. Had a great skate on hard dry ice - such a pleasure to get more skating in after all the bad weather.  The ice felt like it will last another day or two if frosts arrive.  Checked out Poolburn - a plate of ice in the corner of the main bay that may have been a skate first thing in the morning.  Weak and creaky.


Saturday, July 16, 2022

Snow skate....

A good frost in Alex this morning got me up the heading to the Lower Manorburn.  Good ice in most of the main basin and had a great early skate.  Headed up to Poolburn to see if any ice had survived with the thought of skating tomorrow.  The lake has lost a lot of ice and what was there was covered in about 60mm of fluffy snow.  Plenty of open water.  Had a bit of fun on the Nordic skates which worked well despite the snow.  Hockey skates were fun as well.  Poolburn looked fabulous surrounded in snow.  Wind and rain expected in the next day or so.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Bad weather on the way....

Storm predicted for today but headed up early to meet Dave for a skate at Poolburn.  We skated in the main bay on good ice - hard and a bit bumpy in places.  Both went for the Nordic skates to finish off and they were perfect for the rough parts. Good skating.   Dull grey sky with a moderate breeze the whole time.  Few flakes of snow and spitting when we left.  Just hoping some ice will last the next few days.

Monday, July 11, 2022

More ice and a kite...

Bit of the choice today - Lower Manorburn or Poolburn? Decided to head up and meet Dave at Poolburn to see what the stormy weather had left.  Nice to be up early with the frost. -5 when I arrived. Had a short skate in the small bay while waiting for Dave then we headed to the far bay.  Big chunk of snow effected ice had surfaced off a bit so we were able to have a good skate.  Plenty of evidence of weather changing the ice.  Later we headed over to the dam where I had a skate while Dave headed off exploring around the lake. On the way out I skated on part of the main bay and the ice felt the safest of all today.  Light wind came up so I was able to get out the kite for a bit of ice kiting.  Great day despite not making it to the Lower Manorburn.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Back on the Manorburn!

 Have not had a good skate on the Lower Manorburn for a while so had a nice surprise when I went to check it out late this arvo.  Had a great skate over most of the middle basin.  Rush Cutters was mostly thick ice and thinner further out.   Hard and fast.   Could be good tomorrow if the predicted frost comes in. Care was still need as some parts were weaker - with water between the basins.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ice survived the warm weather..

Dave and I headed up to Poolburn today to see what had survived from two weeks ago.  Good hard frost on the way and -4 when we got up to the top. Inge and her friend were already there and we were all pleased to find a nice chunk of snow effected ice in the small bay.  Good hard snow ice but rough in places.  Plenty of open water in the main lake. Had a fun skate then Dave and I headed over to the far bay and were treated to a bigger chunk of ice there.  Mostly smooth and great skating but had to be watchful as there was thin black ice and open water in places.  Lots of interesting wind effects on the ice.

Fab skate and a shame we had to leave.

Wet Feet

 Forgot to post this from 30th June...

Back to the forest pond today to see if any ice survived the warmer weather.  Managed to have a short skate until the ice began the weaken in the warmth and wind - so much so that I broke the edge as I got off the ice. Wet feet!   Looks like we will have to wait for more frosty weather to arrive but it was fun skating at this place while it lasted.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Forest black....

After another good frost this morning I went back to the forest pond.  The ice had settled in over night and was dry.  Fabulous skating on black ice and much more relaxed having remembered the safety gear.  Had a long skate and a bit of bike riding on the ice.   Decided to check the enclosed area at Mahinerangi on the way out and had a skate in the shelter corner.  Older ice but smooth and hard.  Rest of the area was too risky for a skate with open water showing.  Muddy getting to ice as the frost had thawed.

Very enjoyable mornings skate with the bonus of being close to home.