Saturday, June 27, 2020

Dusty ice.....

Headed to Poolburn this morning not expecting to find much as the weather has been warm over the last few days.  Was surprised to see some snow still about in the shadows and more ice in the main bay - especially as it was above zero the whole way up.  Ended up having a fantastic skate around to the back of the main island and into some of the bays.  Ice had a strange surface - dry and what looked like fine dust (but wasn't) and smooth to skate on.
Plan B in case of no ice was to go bike riding - but decided to do this as well and rode to a small dam near by and had a skate.  Also rode the bike on the ice as the surface stayed mostly dry and allowed the wheels to grip - a first for me and good fun.
Headed back via another few spots to check for ice.  Great day.
Brooding sunrise

Plenty of hazards
Surface like fine dust

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Quick visit ...

After a few big frosts this morning I made a last minute decision to check Poolburn for ice.  Good drive up with the track better than expected after the snow.  After a careful check I had a fab skate on a large area of new black ice.   Still some water showing and the ice was quite varied and thin in places but well worth the effort.  Ice still doesn't feel set in.
Good to meet a local farmer and have a chat.
Idaburn and Coalpit were close to a skate but need a few more mm.

Chilly start before sun up

Skate marks
Clear ice
On the track down.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

2 big frosts....

After 2 big frosts we headed up to Poolburn to check it out. Temps as low as minus 10 on the drive. Plenty of new ice but not quite enough for a free skate.  We had a crackly skate around the edge in a few places - good to be on the ice but very borderline safe.  We walked  up from the road to check out a small irrigation dam in a shadow of some rocks.  Ice was thick enough but full of green algae - we had a tentative skate at the edge but the ice felt very unsafe.  Could have been a good new spot if it had clean water.
We decided to head back to the stream from 2 weeks ago and had a fab solid skate in the same place.
Very enjoyable morning exploring and skating.
The stream again
Algae Dam....
Our skating track
Big Bay at Poolburn

Poolburn:  New ice but needs more frost to skate
Idaburn:  New ice but needs more frost to skate