Monday, August 17, 2020

One more.....for the road...

 Bit lucky to get a skate in very early this morning .  We had a few good frosts and I found ice I could stand on yesterday while out mountain biking so decided to go back this morning to see if I could skate.    Hard and smooth and became noisy as I skated and great to get another one in this year - the last I am sure!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Good Bye ice for this year

Dave and I decided to make a last visit to Poolburn this morning to see if there was any ice left from last week.  It has been fairly warm and windy but we did find ice plates in the main areas but none strong enough to hold weight.  Dave spent a bit of time swimming among the ice - great to watch but too cold for me.  We decided to finish off by visiting the stream (where we started the season) and I was lucky enough to get the skates on in a couple of places - nice to have a last but limited skate for the season.  Ice was surprisingly good but tricky as I had to be careful to stay on the strong stuff.  Nice finish to the season.