Friday, August 11, 2023

Snow Ice!

After a snowy week Dave and I decided to check to see if there was any ice around.  The track to Poolburn was rough with snow near the top.  We left the truck and walked the last couple of hundred metres through the snow.  Fresh ice on the lake but too thin to skate.  We found a good sized patch of snow ice in the small bay and after a bit of testing had a fun skate.  Plenty of hazards on the ice and an interesting explore but thawing as we left.


Sunday, July 30, 2023

Slim pickings

Very warm July and not much ice around over the last few weeks.  While over Queenstown way today I checked in on Bush Creek rink and had a skate.  Great job by the crew there to set this up.
Thought I would have a look at Rum Gully as well and was pleased to get a skate there as well. Snow ice down one side and skate able ice a little way out with water down one end.  Pleased to be back on the ice again but may be the last one this season.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Foggy start....

With a disappointingly  mild frost and fog I decided to check out the Lower Manorburn this morning anyway.  Good to find enough ice for a skate in Rushcutters Corner and despite the debris thrown around I had a good skate.  Ice was wet and noisy in places -  but smooth - as long as one avoided the rocks!    A couple of frosts needed!

Saturday, July 8, 2023

James Pond....

Because I was nearby this morning I decided to have a look at Poolburn.  While there was ice on the lake it was not thick enough to skate but I found a pond that had refrozen snow ice thick enough for a skate.  Ice was hard and smooth and, while limited, was great fun.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Finally ice again...

After watching the weather for a week I headed to Mckenzie Country yesterday as it seems like the only place nearby cold enough to skate. Worthwhile walk up to Hooker Lake to find a lot of ice.  Most of it was wind blown broken ice that had refrozen.  Great walking around on it and out to a trapped ice berg.  Found a good sized patch for a skate.  Ice hard and bumpy in places but great fun in a fabulous setting.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Into the forest

Up to Naseby again today to have another go on Coalpit Dam - and hopefully Lower Coalpit. Fantastic ice on Coalpit again but only managed a creaky edge skate on Lower Coalpit.  From there I headed into the forest by bike to check out an old mine pond among the trees.  Thick ice on the pond and a great wee skate.   Coalpit should be a good skate again tomorrow if there is a frost.

Friday, June 16, 2023


 Watched the temps all week and decided the Maniototo looked to be the best option today and Naseby seemed the coldest.   Heading that way I changed my mind and carried on the check Idaburn.   Quite a surprise to find thick ice on the main pond.  Had a great skate on hard ice - good most places but thinner out to the line of trees.  Water in the gorge so didn't venture too close.  Rode the bike over the check the gorge near the dam and was treated to an even better skate although more hazards there and greater risk if something went wrong.  Next headed to Grey Lake (by bike) but no skate-able ice although had a quick skate on a small pond on the way out.   Naseby was the last stop and great ice again.   Only good place to get on was the jetty but good ice in the middle.  Great skating and hard to leave.  Great free skate day....

Idaburn - good skate able ice that will work if there is a frost tomorrow.   Watch for the thin ice and open water

Coalpit - same as Idaburn.  Will work if there is a frost.  Careful getting on - jetty was safe today. Skate early