Thursday, May 31, 2018

May b ice...

After a couple of good frosts I decided to take a punt this morning and left very early to see if I could find some ice on the last day of May.  After a bit of exploring I found some skate-able ice down one side of Coalpit Dam.  First ever skate on natural ice in May for me.  Was borderline safe but great to get on the skates so early in the season.  Rest of the dam was covered in 10-20mm.  Hoffmans Dam was mostly water but managed a small creaky skate at the edge of the tail.  A few good frosts should bring the ice in.

Coalpit Dam:  1-2cm over the whole dam.  A few frosts away from a safe skate
Hoffmans Dam:  Mostly water.  Some ice in the tail.