Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dawn and Dusk skate

Up early to meet Dave and head up to Poolburn at daybreak.  Fabulous ice in the main bay - not that thick but skate able with the frost.  We explored some other areas and had a great skate until the air warmed and the ice became unsafe.   We were reminded about our safety training and equipment after an incident - but it ended well.
Had a chat with a bunch of photographers who got there before us to catch the dawn.
Eventually we headed down and had another good skate in a nearby lake.
Dave set off for home and I checked out the Lower Manorburn before heading out for an evening skate at Clice Water.  Fabulous hard black ice and a great way to finish the day in the moonlight.
Dawn on the ice
Around the edge
Break time
Bowtiki Lake
Clice Water
Finishing the day in the moonlight

Poolburn: Skateble ice in the main bay and some other areas.  Skate with the frost and have a safety plan.  Track muddy when it thaws.
Manorburn:  Skateable ice in Ruchcutters

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Clive said...

Great shots......make the most of it before the snow!!

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