Saturday, July 29, 2017

Snow ice survived...

After a good frost, headed to Central today to see what survived the big rain storm last week.
Snow ice seems to have survived well.  Had a good skate on Coalpit - hard bumpy snow ice but ok with the hockey skates.  Some super smooth ice around the edge.  Had a wee skate on Hoffmans as well but the edges were going off in the sun.
Checked out Poolburn (after a mucky ride up) and wow much of the lake covered with hard and fast snow ice.  Most of it had a 'ripple' effect from the wind.  Wind effects were evident.  But good skating  with some big smooth patches.  Refrozen open areas were too thin but did skate on a bit of crazy pave ice. Able to skate out to the main island ok.  Edges everywhere were refrozen and thin
Great skate!!

Some super smooth at the edge
Wind effects on Poolburn
Some smooth patches 

Coalpit:  Snow ice over whole dam - most skate able.  Hard and bumpy but ok with Hockey skates. Go from the shady side
Hoffmans:  Snow ice.  Hard and bumpy. Watch the edges.  Softens in the sun.  Skate early.  Have a safety plan.
Poolburn:  For the keen.  Hard wind effected hard snow ice with some smooth areas.  Watch the ice as the snow ice hides hazards.  New ice is thin.  Check the ice first and have a safety plan.  Track gnarly.

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