Sunday, July 30, 2017

Poolburn and more...

Up early this morning to meet Inge for a skate on Poolburn.  Ice the same as yesterday.  Good skating with some smooth areas stronger over night.   Some water showing around the edges by the time I left.
Headed to Grey Lake to see if the ice had lasted there.  Had a skate on a new dam then walked into the lake.  Fab ice - snow ice again but smooth and hard.  Great skating.  Ice started to soften as I left.
Great skate day.....
Early start with Inge
New ice - smooth!
Different expansion rates between snow ice on top of black ice
Weather change on the way.
Great backdrop - place I had not skated before
Fab ice on Grey Lake
Snow ice on top of black ice

Poolburn has a huge chunk of skate able ice in the main bay.  Could work again tomorrow with a frost. Edges melting in the warmth.   Ice hard and rippled with some smooth areas.

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