Saturday, July 15, 2017

Touring skates win...

Up to Poolburn at first light.  Good to find the water between the ice and snow had frozen.  Did a couple of circuits around the main island then changed to the Nordic touring skates.  I am getting used to these and found them great on the bumpy ice - smooth as.   On the way out had a skate on smooth ice at the track dam.  Stopped in at Idaburn for a quick circuit because I could.
Checked D-Dam and had a quick skate there then finally Coalpit - which had refrozen into hard bumpy ice.  A few circuits then on with the touring skates.   A good skate day all round.

Poolburn - smooth ice in the shadows
Pressure cracks on Poolburn
Track dam 
A rescue boat!!!
On D Dam
Coalpit - refrozen snow ice.

Idaburn - snow ice on top of hard ice.  Hard and bumpy with a frost but softening in the sun.
Coalpit - Refrozen snow ice - hard and bumpy - would be ok with frost.
Poolburn - Variable - some refrozen ice - snow covered in other places.  Beware hidden hazards under the snow.  New ice is thin.

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