Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kite Time..

Up to Poolburn at first light - surprised to find so much ice still there.  Reformed snow ice.  There was wind blowing making it interesting watching the ice surface evaporating as I skated.  Had a good skate then switched to the touring skates for a bit.
Enough wind to get the kite out and had a great time kiting across the main bay.  By the time I left after mid day there was water forming on the ice showing the hard 'crazy-pave' ice underneath. Be interesting to see if the ice survives the wet weather over the next few days.
Dropped in to Hoffmans Dam for a quick skate on the way home.   Great day.
Sunrise  (Laughing-man rock)
Surface ice under pressure

Loving it.....

Hard to know what will happen to the ice over the next few days as temps and wind  are up and a cold front is due.

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