Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snow ice!

Decided to head to Central before the next storm to see if there was any ice left.  Pleased to find skate able ice at Coalpit and Hoffmans Dam.  Had a good skate on Coalpit - ice was hard refrozen snow ice.  A bit bumpy in places but a good skate.    Met up with some visitors and got young Sam out on the snowskoot.
Had a quick skate on Lower Coalpit but the ice was pretty thin.
Hoffmans was the real surprise.  Smooth ice on most of the main area.  Fab skating and hard to leave - glad I took the head light to get back to the truck.

Sam on the snowskoot 
Lower Coalpit
Hoffmans - great skating

Coalpit Dam:  Snow ice - skateable with the frost.  Go from the shaded side.  Thinner in the middle.
Hoffmans Dam:  Smooth snow ice.  Careful around the edges.  Too thin through the tail.
Snow ice is unpredictable so test first and have a safety plan.  Only good with a frost.

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