Monday, July 10, 2017

Big day @ Poolburn

Up to Poolburn and met Dave for a dawn skate.  We skated around the back of the main island avoiding the open water and eventually into the tale of the lake.   There was a huge area of black ice then snow-covered ice at the very end leading up to the streams.  A satisfying skate.   I skated back first and met up with Inge and Jane then headed off for another trip around the island. We ended up with a busy afternoon when others showed up.  Good to see people making the most of the ice before the snow comes.  About 7 hours skating for me all up (Dave longer).  Unusual to see mist blown up from the valley below and across the ice.  Poolburn - always changing.....
Snow is due over the next two days so not sure what will happen to the ice.
Black ice in the tail
Creek in the long tail
Inge, Jane and crew
Skating out of the mist... (Petra, Dave and...)

Poolburn: on hold till the snow goes through.

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