Friday, July 14, 2017

After the snow..

Heading to Queenstown for a ski I decided to go early to check the ice after the big storm.  Still quite a bit of snow around.  Coalpit and Idaburn had a layer of crusty snow/ice over the good ice with water between. No good for a skate.  Decided to check Poolburn as the hills seemed clear.  Poolburn had similar conditions but a bit harder surface in places.  There was enough  remelt at the edge to have a small skate. Then put the Nordic skates on.  Weird skating on good hard ice with a crusty watery layer on top.  Nordics were great and I went out to the small island and back. Found some edge parts strong enough to have a bit of fun and really enjoyed skating into the dusk  Put the hockey skates on at the end for a bumpy ride. Finished a night skate at the Lower Manorburn  on good ice in Rushcutters.  Didn't go right out as the ice seemed to thin and creaky.  Great way to finish the evening.

Hmm what to do tomorrow ........

At the small island
Good ice under the crust
Skated till dusk

Sun down...

Lower Manorburn - Some skate able ice from Rushcutters - but skate with the frost. 
Idaburn/Coalpit  - snow covered ice with water between - needs a thaw and refreeze.
Poolburn - snow covered ice but a few remelted areas.  Need a good freeze or thaw and freeze.
Nothing will be good if it is warm.  I sure have a dirty truck now.....

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