Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Winters day finally..

Decided to check out Poolburn this morning  after watching the weather closely.  Drive up was challenging - first real winter driving this year - lots of  frost and foggy at under zero temps. Fab!
Good to find enough ice for a great skate -  in the small bay and the shady side of the main bay.  Not thick but good enough while it was freezing.  Rest of the lake had up to 20mm ice.
Had a fabulous free skate and very hard to leave!
Felt like the first real day of winter with negative degrees still in parts on the way home.  Not sure if it will last as frost is not predicted for the next few days.
Foggy and cold at first 

Still some wind blown ice left.
In the main bay
Frost at the edge..

Poolburn: - some skate-able ice if you look but care needed. Up to 20mm over most of the lake.  Track rough at the top - ok while it was frozen.
Idaburn :- a small area of new ice near the bank - up to 10mm.  Water over the rest.

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Clive said...

Great pic's as always Dave....fingers crossed for more frosts.....Thanks for the update.

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