Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shortest Day skate...

Watching the weather for a few days I decided to head to Poolburn on the off chance there was a bit of ice.  Warm and windy in various places on the way up and a gnarly track but pleased to get in a skate.  There had been ice but it had been broken up by the wind and piled on one sheltered side of the lake. These thin ice plates had  refrozen with smooth patches amongst them.  Ended up with a fun skate across the plates and around the smooth ice in this area.  Some parts were too rough to skate.  15mm ice over the rest of the lake - too thin and weak    Treated to a great sunrise as well!
Unfortunately there was a warm wind starting to melt the ice while I was there.
Idaburn had half the main bay covered in thin ice and Coalpit was mostly covered - about 1-2 cm.  Warm and windy as I came home.  Few good frosts needed.
Good to get the skates on...


Poolburn:  up to 1-2cm over the whole lake.  Too thin to skate. Track gnarly. Warm and windy when I left
Idaburn:  1-2cm over half of the main bay.  Need frost
Poolburn: 1-2cm over most of the dam with a little water showing.

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