Monday, July 23, 2012

skating away...

Left very early for Central this morning and due to low temps (as low as -5.8) decided to check Coalpit and was treated to a good skate on hard dry ice - bumpy in places but great!   Water showing on half the pond.
Struck thick fog at Wedderburn which made for slow driving.  Had a look at Idaburn - not for the feint hearted and tricky to get on (but hey had to have a wee skate...)

Headed to the Lower Manorburn tonight and was surprised to find thick ice in Rush Cutters.  Quite a bit of water showing in the basin but after a careful step onto the ice I had a good skate on firm but wet ice.  Did not venture out too far because of the water and creaky ice - and gathering dark.

A couple od good frosts and the ice will be on again.... here's hoping.....
Creaky Idaburn
Lower Manorburn

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