Friday, July 6, 2012

Dam Fine!

Headed off to check the dams near Alexandra today. Was treated to a rare full skate on Butchers Dam - hard smooth ice all over and skate-able to the edge of the dam.
Had always wanted to skate Conroys Dam and today was the day. Good hard ice and an interesting skate among the trees around the edge.  Please note: This is not a skate recommendation as Butchers and Conroys are not known for good ice so check carefully before venturing out and skate at your own risk.

Finished with a skate on the Lower Manorburn. All basins with good ice but dodgy between. The neck was just ok but not enough safe ice in the gorge. 80mm plus in places

On the way home I had my first skate ever on Munroes Gully pond. Good ice but warming in the sun.
The ice at the Lawrence pond was unusual. About 20mm of ice then 12cm of water over another layer of hard ice! I think that the pond must have frozen before the last big rain. Then the rain filled over the top and froze. The pond water level is very high. Unskate-able at the moment.

Conroys Dam

Upper Basin

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