Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Edgy ice...

Water in the Gorge
Woke up to a good frost in Alex this morning so shot out to the Lower Manorburn for a look at the ice and ended up have a great skate over the main basin. Was a bit tricky getting on the ice as (rain) water had refrozen around the edge leaving a water filled ice cap over the ice pack but good hard ice away from the edge.

Ice - 100mm+ in Rush Cutters out to 60mm on the other side.  Water at both ends of the main basin.  Dry and hard but windy by the time I left.  There is a line of weed under the ice out from the big viewing rock - need to watch.  Needs frost!  (was 13 deg this evening in Alex - won't last if this keeps up!!)

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