Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ah the best.... Poolburn sensational again....

I have been watching the weather closely for the last two weeks hoping that Poolburn might get a refreeze.  Based on all I had observed I decided today would be the day to check it out again.  I thought some of the ice pack would be there but trying to calculate when the edges would come back was the tricky bit.
Managed to organize a couple of free hours and got away very (very!) early this morning (I must thank my wife Christina for being so long suffering with a skating fanatic......) and was pleased to find Poolburn was skate able again.  There had been a big thaw at the edge (2m out) but enough frost to lock it in.  Had to pick an entry point carefully (not the usual spot) but once on the ice... what a skate!  Round the island(s) and into the long arm.   Hard ice and only slightly bumpy in places.  Again Poolburn turned on a fantastic skate.

If you are heading that way go early and skate with the frost but check the ice carefully first.  Ice pack - approx 80mm - edges (to about 2m out) vary from 10mm -50mm (ish). Take something in case you need help to get onto the ice (and safety gear).  Keep clear of rocks and edges - the thaw spots. Days are warmer and the ice changes quickly as temps get up.  There are a few pressure  cracks that can be crossed if you pick your spots.  Road is dry it with the frost but getting quite rutted at the top.

Might be the last we see of the ice.......
Lovin' it!

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