Monday, July 2, 2012

Gooder than 'As Good as it Gets'? :-)

Last year I did a post entitled 'As Good as it Gets' about a skating day on Poolburn Dam. Today went one better!  Four of us left early for Poolburn and were treated to amazing thick black ice covering the whole of the dam except for  the long tail area where a steam comes in.
We had fabulous skating on fast smooth dry black ice - I have not personally skated on such an immense area of such ice. Wow.  We explored new bays and islands created by the high water.
We also skated into the long tail and had fun forging as far upstream as we could until we came to running water.  Gooder than as good as it gets.........
Ice 60mm + over the whole lake - smooth and locked in.  Road - good with some snow on top.  Make sure you have safety practices organized as you can get a long way (and well out of sight) from your vehicle.
Ida Burn Dam - 60mm + locked in - good skating - smooth ice.  Skate with the frost.

Can it get better....
Round a new island - and a fence!

Time for a short break
Skating the stream in the tail

The Stream


Ryan Hellyer said...

Wow! What's up with the water level? I had no idea it ever got THAT high.

Dave said...

Yes we were amazed to find it so high. A 'local' told us it suddenly came up to that level about a week or so ago. We had heaps of rain (snow up higher) over a few days. Has changed the whole lake in terms of bays and islands - great exploring!

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