Saturday, July 7, 2012

Poolburn again!

Today our family and our friends (the Pasks) headed up to Poolburn for a day out.  We travelled up through fog and burst through to clear sky and another great Poolburn day.  We managed to get everyone geared up with an assortment of skates and a great day was had  skating to the dam and picnicking on the ice (despite one mishap resulting in a sore head).
It was great to meet the friendly group from Canterbury and good to finally meet Clive who runs the Aardwolves Web site with those all important ice reports.
The Pasks the Youngs and the Canterbury team
Heading to the dam
Always something to see...


Penel said...

Great day out, thanks for inviting us! I see Jess (dog) managed to make it into nearly every shot - 2 year old Lab on ice - funniest thing I've seen in a long time :)

Clive said...

Thanks Dave we had a great day, all in all a fantastic weekend, inspired by your video of Poolburn last week...:-)
N/W winds due thursday.......:-(

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