Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ice under pressure...

GPS Track of the first loop today - 21km
Poolburn turned on a big day today.  Headed up there early today - just a light frost.  There was more ice than two days ago - locked in and thicker around the edges.  Had a fabulous skate on hard, slightly bumpy ice.  Initially the pressure cracks were safe to cross but on the way back on the first big loop I had to walk around one that had begun to thaw as the temperature rose.  It was the first time I have observed a thaw - lots of noisy cracking and pieces breaking off as the ice became unstable around the crack.  I finished the last hour with the kitewing as the wind had come up.  Temps were up as I left and the ice surface was starting to soften and crackle.  May be the last for Poolburn this season.
Pressure cracks
Barbed wire can't hold back ice...

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