Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black Ice!

After 2 hard frosts Dave P and I headed to Central looking for ice.   Idaburn had 30-40 mm of black ice in the main basin.  We had a good first skate on smooth glassy ice on the hut side then packed up and headed for Poolburn.
Poolburn turned on a spectacular day - perfect weather and 30-40mm of fresh black ice.  The ice was a bit thin in some places and the day was warming so we skated near the edges for safety.  Fabulous ice - clear and smooth with lots to see.  The water is 2 metres higher than last year and has created new islands and bays. We are looking forward to skating the whole area once the ice thickens. Road is in good condition with some snow at the top.  Best time to skate - early morning with the frost.

At the dam
Smooth ice - the best!

Ice Patterns
Prairie Skating


Clive said...

Great Video, great Photos and looks like a great skate, we are planning on heading down your way in 2-3 weeks lets hope the weather gods smile on us.....keep up the get an A++ rating..from us..:-)
We also had a great days skating at Evelyn with about 20 of us.......
Catch up soon.

Dave said...

Great - let us know and we will meet up.

Good ice!

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