Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunny skate

Went by the Lower Manorburn today on the way home and although it wasn't the best time (afternoon, sunny and warm) I had a skate in the main basin on bumpy hard ice.  Thick in Rush Cutters and thinning out into the middle.  Bit creaky in the sun.  Finished off with a good skate  in the  gorge (near the neck) on hard, smooth solid ice - but had to keep to the shady side as there was water further out!

Decided to have a look at Poolburn Dam to see how it had survived the snow and warm temperatures over the week. The track was fairly muddy in plsces and definitely need 4wd slthough would have been better when frozen. Was surprised to find so much ice still there. The ice was snow effected and was rough in places.  Had a bit of a skate but  care was needed as the ice had holes with water showing through. Variable depth but solid enough considering the conditions.

Good to skate though!

Manorburn in the sun

Poolburn - bumpy
Manorburn ice

Water holes at Poolburn

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