Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ice Hunters Day 2

Good frost in Alex this morning (Sunday). Still on the search for ice we headed to the Lower Manorburn Dam at 7.00.  Ice still too thin in the main basin but we managed to get a skate in a couple of shaded areas.  Around 25-30mm of hard black ice - and able to skate as it was freezing hard.  Good to get on the Manorburn finally although the ice is still touch and go. We then headed to Poolburn.  Beaut day again and a bit more ice. We skated around some of the edges on clear hard ice - great view of the rocks underneath. Thickness - 30mm in places down to nil. More frost needed. Idaburn had around 30mm and maybe would have been skate-able first thing in the morning but too soft when we visited.  Around 10-20 mm on Coalpit.
Ryan and Dave P

Safety Drill.....

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