Monday, July 11, 2011

By the light of the silvery moon.....

One of the small pleasures of life is walking off the ice in the moonlight after a skate. Visited the Lower Manorburn tonight and was pleased to find skate-able ice as the end of the day - especially as it had been a warm (for winter) windy day.
Skate-able ice in Rush Cutters corner - around 50mm thick but creaky out into the basin. Found good hard ice in the gorge to the right of Rush Cutters and had an enjoyable skate as the sun went down and moonlight took over. If you pick your spots there is skating to be had but the ice needs careful checking. Will last with a frost or two and the snow on the hills should help bring temperatures down. (hopefully!)
Moonlight on the Manorburn


Ryan said...

Fingers crossed for some good hard frosts this week!

Ryan said...

I checked the alexandra temperatures just now and they're looking pretty good :) -2 deg. C and dropping.

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