Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cruising the Manorburn!

Headed out to the Lower Manorburn early this morning  to find good smooth ice all over the central basin! Great  skate over the whole main area.   Ice thickness ranged from 50mm+ out to around 40mm on the far side and was locked in. Too thin either end to go further.

The bad news! - dropped by on the way out of town in the evening and the ice was covered with water and creaky.  Warm temps and wind during the day had knocked it back.  Hopefully a few frosts will rebuild.




Ryan said...

Not surprised it was wet. 13 deg. or so for a decent proportion of the day is gonna cause havoc. Hopefully the ice pack survives. The overnight temperatures are looking bloody awful though. It's nearly 3am and the temperature is still nowhere near zero :(

Ryan said...

Mentioned on Ice Block ... http://iceblock.org.nz/2011/07/06/cruising-manorburn-report-from-chip-off-the-ice-block/

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