Sunday, July 24, 2011

More dam skating! July 22nd

Big Ice - Poolburn

I did a post a few days ago with the title 'Last Dam Skate' thinking it might have been the last on the Lower Manorburn as the ice was melting.  How the weather has changed!  Dave P and I headed out there again after a string of good frosts.   Ice had formed over the middle basin and lower basin with water in the connecting gorge.  We had a great free skate over most of the main area without having to worry about ice thickness.  We then headed to Poolburn Dam in the hope that the frost had formed ice there.
Wow - ice had formed over the whole lake and we were treated to a few hours skating over the whole area.  Smooth hard ice ranged from 80mm down to around 40-50 - which did creak a bit as it warmed in the sun.  Due to the height of the water (higher than last year) the bays were different and we were able to explore some new parts and skate into the far tail of the dam where water comes in.
Sensational skating on Poolburn made more picturesque with snow on the hills and rocks.

Frozen stream in the tail of the lake

Icicles on Poolburn

Publish Post
A break - a long way from the car

Ready for the Manorburn

Poolburn Rocks

Hard Water!

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