Sunday, July 24, 2011

Idle at Ida? - not so! 21st July

After a night at Clearwater we were disappointed not to get a heavy frost but headed down to the lake and had a short skate over a limited area.  Dave P and I decided to head for Lake Ida.  On the way we stopped by Lake Evelyn where we had an enjoyable - if somewhat creaky - skate amongst the tussosk at the end of the lake.  Great fun.
We then drove to the inside gate at Lake Ida and walked in where we met up with Alan K and his friends Eki and Helena. The ice on Ida was superb - although a little wet in places.  A great skate which unfortunately included me going through on the only thin ice on the lake.  After a self rescue and Dave P's amazing  retrieval of my camera from under the ice we finished off and headed back to Otago.  Will talk more about the dip through the ice in a later post (along with a bit of video) and apart from that the lasting impression of skating on this day will be the clear nature of the ice over the whole lake - like skating on clear glass - fab!
Lake Ida

Lake Clearwater


Checking the ice on Lake Camp

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