Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ice Hunters! - Day 1

Dave checking the Manorburn
 After watching the weather for a week we set of ice hunting.  Dave (P) and Ryan joined me on a trip around Central Otago to look for skate-able ice.  After an early start on Saturday morn we stopped in at the Lower Manorburn.  Around 20mm ice - not enough in the fog.  Soft surface.  Headed to Poolburn and a beautiful day but same again - around 20mm ice.  We managed a creaky skate on the north edge anyway - on probably what is the thinnest ice I have ever skated on. Dave (P) went for an ice swim - a keen man! From there we headed to Idaburn and checked out any pond we could find - but like the Idaburn not quite enough ice!
Ryan on the edge

Ice Man Dave

Clear enough to see through - but not to skate

A cracking time!

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