Monday, August 1, 2011

Early Morning Skate

Managed to fit in an early skate this morning at the Lower Manorburn.  Was surprised to see the thickness of the ice since Saturday.  Over 100mm right in Rush Cutters down to about 40-50mm on the other side of the main basin, thinning out to water as you head up to the neck.  Surface was bumpy in places because of the snow but if you picked your spots some good skating was possible.  Ice was hard and silent.  Had fun just cruising the good bits and skated up towards the neck on a thick ice shelf - care needed to keep in the shady areas!
A bit of rubbish and broken on the ice from visitors and the wind.   Forgot my ice stick so had to drill a bit more than usual.

Checking the depth

Ice shelf heading up the gorge

Snow effected and rubbish on the ice


Frans de Jong said...

Hi Dave,

My name is Frans. Keen to come over with some dutch mates from around Matamata to do some speed skating in your area one day. Any change of still getting a good chunk of ice the coming days, or will it need to be next year?

Dave said...

Hi Frans. You would be most welcome to join us! This year is just about it (writing this on Aug 21st) for guaranteed ice. Next year would be best bet. Late June to end of July usually is our most reliable time - depending on where you go. Let is know if you head this way.

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