Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bumpy skate!

Checked out the ice on the way home this afternoon.  Lower Manorburn had snow ice on top of what was left of the ice in the shaded areas.  Some new black ice but not thick enough for a skate.  Snow surface had gone off in the sun but would have been an ok skate early in the morning.  Had a skate in some of the shady patches (Gorge and upper basin).  Surface bumpy but hard and dry.

Decided to come back via Coalpit for a look.   (note - a lot of snow in the hills around Poolburn).  Coalpit was more like snowpit!  Snow ice over the whole pond and still hard enough for a skate on the shady side. Good fun though a bit bumpy.   The ice would be risky in the warm  - made that hollow rumble and particular cracking that thinner snow ice makes.   Track in had about 15cm of snow.

Gorge with old ice and new black ice

Looking down to the neck

Fun skate on Coalpit


Diving anyone?

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