Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last lump of ice!

One the way home this evening I checked the Lower Manorburn to see what was left after yesterdays warm wind.  There was still a large lump of ice in Rush Cutters - about the size of an ice rink  - and a few unreachable bits elsewhere in the middle basin.  The lump in Rush Cutters ranged from over 100mm in the shade out to about 50mm where it ended in open water.
There had been a frost over night and the edges where solid.  Surface bumpy in places but hard and dry so a fun skate  - more enjoyable than yesterday.  I think this is pretty much it for the season.
Last lump ending in water

Last marks of the season - dry hard ice....

Same shot as yesterday - ice gone!
Last moves!

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Ryan said...

I'm surprised so much ice disappeared overnight.

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