Monday, August 8, 2011

One more for 2011?

Despite the warm and windy weather I decided to visit the Lower Manorburn this morning and was surprised to  find quite a bit of ice in the main basin.   There was over 100mm of solid ice right in the shady  corner of Rush Cutters, thinning out into the main basin. Unfortunately the wind was blowing hard through the gorge and blowing from open water onto the ice, hastening the thaw.  Large areas of water elsewhere in the main area.

Despite that I was able to walk on and have a skate on hard wet ice -  but had to pick my spots because of the rubbish and weed weakened ice. (Weed may be a real problem in this area next year) Solid close in but creaky as you went further out so I didn't venture far outside Rush Cutters.

It really felt like the last of the ice for this year - and very warm.

Ready for the last skate

Testing the strength of the ice

Weed problems

Wind thaw

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