Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Dam Skate for 2011?

Headed to Queenstown today for the snow and on the way checked for ice at any spots I could find.  No joy in the warm temperatures.  On the way home in the evening I dropped into the Lower Manorburn Dam just for a look.  Found a patch of ice that was thick enough for a skate!  Surface was smooth and hard in the shade.  Had a skate in a limited area - enough for a few turns and a bit of a glide around.  The ice seems to be on its last legs with big patches of water showing - and this may be my last skate here this year unless we get some cold hard weather.

5.00pm - Looking down to the middle basin - water on the left.

Last time for 2011.......

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Ryan said...

If the weather keeps up as it is, then you might get another skate in later in the week :)

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