Sunday, July 12, 2015

Some black some white...

Ida black
Woke to -12 deg this morning....!  Great for the ice.  Headed over to Idaburn for a dawn skate to catch some black ice in the Gorge.  Great skate but had to walk to the small basin as the ice was too thin at the gorge entrance.
Headed to Poolburn to meet Dave (P). Lots of snow on the ice but we found some small patches of skate able ice to have some fun on.    Left Poolburn and went exploring new ice and were treated to great skating before finishing  with an evening skate on the Lower Manorburn.  Some fab black at the top of the middle basin and into the top basin.  So smooth and hard to get off....

Good to meet up with Jane again and ice talk.  Jane and Inge skated part of Fraser this morning and reported great ice.  Great day all round.

Rest time at Poolburn
Frost flakes on Poolburn

Manor burn black... fabulous..
I guess it is winter...

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