Friday, July 10, 2015

Frost are back!

Good to see the frosts are back and great to see ice still in  Coalpit this afternoon.  Was all snow ice some of which had melted and frozen again and the rest covered in crusty snow.  Had a skate on the smooth then dropped back to Lower Coalpit which was all remelt snow ice and had a good skate.
Idaburn next and a good pack of snow effected ice in the main area.  Some has smoothed off and was good skating.  If tomorrow warms up both places will get soft.

Coalpit - smooth and crusty....
Evening on Idaburn

Ice Report

Coalpit - plenty of ice on whole area.  Smooth on the open side but crusty on the shadow side.  Be careful on the the smooth side as ice is thinner and will break around the edge.  Lower Coalpit - bumpy hard ice - ok skate.  Will soften in the sun.

Idaburn - Good icepack in main area.  Mostly hard but some rough bits near the bank.  Smoother toward the outlet - good skate.  Water and thin ice in Gorge. Will soften in the sun.

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