Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ice and wind!

Pressure ridge
Headed up to Poolburn later than usual today but arrived to find the ice looking good.  Similar to the other day - a mix of smooth and bumpy ice.  There was already wind blowing so decided to start with the kite.  Wind is a bit of a mixed blessing - can ruin (or smooth off)  the ice but allows other activities.   Kiting on the ice is a great challenge - have to concentrate as once you get speed up it is easy to slide out - which I did while fiddling with the camera!  Had a great session zipping back and forth -  then changed to skating.  Skated around to the dam then back towards the main bay to head around the island. Unfortunately the wind was had effected the ice in places so a tour around the main island seemed unsafe.  Ice was beginning to soften and break up as I left.
Finished with a session on Idaburn.  Enjoyed skating in the sun and warm temps - 15 deg!

The most fun to be had....
Dangerous spot - under pressure and going off
Idaburn - water in the gorge

Ice Report:  Poolburn - Plenty of ice in the main bay.  Mix of smooth and bumpy.  Ice over rest of the dam varies - with some pressure and wind effected areas making it dangerous.  Water starting to appear in some places.  Be wary in the warm temps. Track muddy.

Idaburn - Skate-able ice in the main area.  Water in the gorge.  Softening in the warm temps.  Won't last without frost.

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