Saturday, July 18, 2015

Before the snow...

Poolburn rocks - great skating
Up to Poolburn at daybreak to try for a skate before the bad weather arrived.  Was pleased to see that the whole dam had resurfaced ice and, despite the dull weather, was a great skate.  Skated out around the main island and into long arm. Great skating but by the time I left a strong wind had come up and was starting to melt the ice around the edges.  After a bit of 'jacket sailing' I headed down to the Lower Manorburn.  Good skating there as well and good to catch up and skate with Inge and talk to a few locals.  Met another Dave from Dunedin who amazed me with his balance on a bike on wet ice!  Even his dog was impressed...
Manorburn middle basin has plenty of ice but became wet as the wind came up.

Cold place for a holiday
Dave the brave..... 

Inge getting a few runs in.

Ice Report:
Poolburn - Resurfaced ice over the whole dam.  Great skating.  Unfortunately when I left the wind had come up and was working away at the ice with some water starting to appear at the edges. Track good but rough at the top.

Manoburn - Still plenty of ice in the main basin.  Good skating.  Wind had come up by midday and the ice became wet.

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