Wednesday, July 29, 2015

By the light..

By the light - of the silvery moon.....  Passing through the Ida Valley tonight I stopped by Idaburn to find ice that was still skate-able.  Although it was dusk there was enough moonlight to check the ice near the shore and have a skate.  Ice was smooth, hard but a bit creaky and felt 'old'.   Did not venture too far out but had a fun skate and there is something special about skating in the moonlight with out lights. Quiet and peaceful.  Great way to end the day!

Moonlight on the ice.

Finishing up.

Ice Report:  Idaburn - Still some skate-able ice in the main area but a bit creaky with some weak patches away from the shore.  Test well before skating.   Weak and some water at the edge.  Ice feels 'old'.

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