Monday, July 6, 2015

Evening skate...

On the way to Central this afternoon I stopped by the Idaburn Dam and was surprised to find so much ice. The ice was quite thick especially on the hut side and well locked in.   Of course I couldn't let that go to waste.........  Had a nice skate into the evening on hard, slightly bumpy ice.  Good to be back on the ice after waiting a week and great way to end the day.    Staying in Omakau for the night (despite leaving my overnight  things at home.....agh..) and if the snow stays away will check out some skating tomorrow

Idaburn in the evening.

Selphy mode...and happy to be on the ice again....

Idaburn:  Good ice pack over the main area. Hard and locked in.  Water in the inlet and channel.  Good skating.

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