Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's only!

A natural ice day!  Dave and I headed up to Poolburn for a day-break skate and while the ice was limited we had a great skate on black ice.  Unfortunately the temp was above freezing so we did not venture out too far.  A great place to visit in winter anyway.
We finished up with a skate on the Lower Manorburn dam.  Ice was hard and fast and we skated over most of the main basin.  Good to finally be on good ice which gave us confidence to play around a bit and good to see some of the locals out on the ice.
Weather outlook is not too flash though and these last days might be the best we get this winter....

Poolburn - 40-50mm of ice - only skate-able because it was hard black ice.  Already thawing when we left so not worth a visit unless there are a few frosts
Lower Manoburn - up to 65mm out in the main basin.  Good skating but weakening in warmer temps.

Dave and Dave
Finding thin ice......

Dave getting a lean on...

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