Friday, July 18, 2014

Ice and Kiting......

Today we headed straight for Poolburn hoping to catch more ice after a big frost in Alexandra.  Although the ice had not settled over the whole dam there was enough there to allow exploring a big bay away from our usual spot.  Ice varied from hard and a little bumpy to smooth ice - and even a little fresh black. Dave worked out a 2.5km circuit around an island and rocks and away we went.  Great skating and as often happens on Poolburn there was always lots to see and plenty of variety on the ice.
The wind picked up a little during the morning so I was able to spend a bit of time kiting on the ice - great fun but noisy!  My favourite combination - natural ice and kiting.

Later in the day we dropped in on the Lower Manorburn and had a primo skate on smooth fast ice.  With a few locals we skated into the darkness and were joined by more coming out to enjoy a night skate. Fabulous skating.

In all we spent seven hours on the ice and were glad of a rest at the end of the day.

Kite on Ice
Dave capturing the ice formations

Poolburn: - a skate for early starters if you take care
Lower Manorburn: - Great skating in the main basin.  Do it!

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