Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A winter's day...

Up this morning and out for an early morning skate on the Lower Manorburn Dam.  Great to have the first real free skate this year.
Dave P and I then headed for Poolburn Dam. Unfortunately we left the run a bit late and missed the safest ice but managed to have a skate around some of the edges of the dam.  Great to be up there though and Poolburn looked fab with a winter coat of snow around the edges.  We had a fine time exploring and enjoying the environment.
Finished off with another skate at Rush Cutters on the way back.   Hoping for another frost tomorrow.

Lower Manorburn is skate-able in Rush Cutters - if you go, skate early with the frost.  There is quite a bit of weed under the ice which weakens the ice so take care.   Ice 50-60mm thinning as you go out.

Poolburn - needs a big frost to thicken the ice.  (forecast not good)

Coalpit - about 10mm new ice in the shade.  Not close to skate-able
Idaburn 15mm on one side then going to water.     Not close to skate-able

A diversion on the way to Poolburn

Dave P on Poolburn


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