Saturday, July 19, 2014

Early start.... good ice...

Up early this mooring and Dave and I hit the Lower Manorburn before day break.  Had a fabulous dawn skate in the 'locked in' main basin.  Smooth hard ice.
We then headed for Poolburn to meet up with local skaters Jane and Inge.   We were treated to a good skate around the whole main bay and were able to skate out around the small island and into the next small bay before the sun started warming the ice (3.2km circuit).  Ice was a mixture of bumpy and smooth hard ice that gradually weakened as the day warmed up - but a rewarding skate for us all.
Dave and I were interested to see how much the ice had changed since yesterday mainly via wind effect and temperature change.     We have noticed over time how much Poolburn can change from day to day and each visit needs the ice checked anew.
The ice was not that thick and may hold if we get a few frosts.....

Jane and Inge around the Island
Jane, Inge and 2 Daves - Poolburn main bay
2 Daves take the Nordics for a spin.
Ice comes to the patient man.....

Manorburn: Great skating on main bay.  Locked in today.  Thin at the gorge and neck.
Poolburn: Main bay skate able but will need frost to hold the ice.  Ice weakening with warmer temps.
Idaburn:  30mm ice with snow on top.  Ice weak.   Not skate able 
Coalpit: Varying 25-40mm with water on top.  To weak today to skate but was skated in a small area last night (so we were told......)

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