Monday, July 7, 2014

Digger's Day

Years ago when I first got into natural ice skating I asked an old dude called Digger how long he had been skating the Lower Manorburn Dam.  "Every year since ( something like) 1947," he replied. " Ice every year." I asked and he replied' "Yep at least 1 day."
We'll after such a bad start to the season I thought this year will be my first year not to skate but today was Digger's one day!  Had a skate this morning - a bit creaky but hey good to be on the ice.

Skated in parts of Rushcutters.  Ice elsewhere but not yet thick enough. 

The dam is one good frost away from good ice.  Hopefully tonight it will freeze again.

Saw lots of ice on a trip around today but not quite enough for a skate but good to be out on a winters day.

A dodgy skate........

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