Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back on the Ice!

Great day to today.  After watching the weather for the last week Dave and I decided the time was right for natural ice.  We headed to Poolburn and were pleasantly surprised to find some of the ice had come back and were lucky enough to get a skate in a sheltered area in one of the bays.  We then headed for the Lower Manorburn and had a couple of hours on the ice in the main basin.  Ice was hard and fast. We met up with a couple from Dunedin and along with a few locals a fine time was had by all with Keith setting a new dress code for 'au naturale' ice skating.  A satisfying skate and looking good again for the next day or two.

Dave P surveying his icy kingdom 
Dave Y on Poolburn
Keith setting new dress standards
Keith showing his moves
Ice scoot in action

Lower Manoburn - Good skating on the most of the middle basin
Poolburn - needs a frost or two but early skaters might get lucky
Idaburn - thin ice in parts - not yet ready for a skate
Coalpit - thin ice - need a good few frosts.

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Ryan Hellyer said...

Seeing Keith naked wasn't quite what I had in mind when logging into my feed reader this morning ;)

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