Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dropped in to the Lower Manorburn on the way home today to check the ice. Ice thick over the whole middle basin. Ice in the other basin as well. A bit of surface water but the ice was smooth and hard enough for a good skate. Good to see it survived the warm weekend temps. With a frost or two the ice would set in again - hopefully!

Left no tracks because of the water!


Ryan said...

What time of day was this?

I assumed the overnight frost would have been enough to keep the top frozen, but judging by this it was not :(

Anonymous said...

Time of day was 2.00 - I really was not expecting the surface to be so good. It was very soft on Sunday arvo so was a pleasant surprice. Heaps of ice tho.

Ryan said...

If that freezes again it should be a great surface to skate on hopefully.

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