Friday, July 16, 2010

Ah the Manorburn! --and Butchers!

What a great day! Started with a rare skate on Butchers Dam. Ice a bit marginal for a skate but we managed. Took my brother to the Lower Manorburn and he was lucky to skate from end to end. The whole dam was locked in and we were early enough to get into the trees at the top end and could hear the water coming in. Surface a little bumpy but a great skate. Elton is over from Auz and was awestruck with the
mornings skate. Get there early to enjoy the ice safely as is weakens as the day warms. How long will it last?
Dave on Butchers Dam

Elton just loving the Manorburn!!

Elton in the trees at the top of the Manorburn

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Ryan said...

Aw man! Can't believe you skated Butchers!

My shoulder as too munted to make the journey. Fingers crossed it holds till next weekend!

If you are heading up during the week and want a companion, just lemme know as I'm mega keen to go skating again. Shoulder should be okay'ish for light skating in a day or so I think.

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